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CBIT develops and publishes interactive multimedia tools and products for delivery via CD ROM or the Internet.

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Suburban and Environmental Weeds of South-East Queensland

- An identification and information system for South-East Queensland (and Northern NSW)

Environmental Weeds of Australia

- An interactive identification and information resource for over 1000 invasive plants

What wasp is that?
- An interactive identification guide to the Australasian families of Hymenoptera
sweetpotato On The Fly - The Interactive Atlas and Key to Australian Fly Families.
- Winner of 2007 Whitley Commendation
sweetpotato Crop Weeds of Australia (Educational Version) - A crop weed identification and information tool for students.
sweetpotato Sweetpotato - Support tool for diagnosing sweetpotato problems.
gst Grain Storage Tutor - A training package for managers of tropical rice stores.
Coral ID - An electronic key to the zooxanthellate scleractinian corals of the world.
Liverworts & Hornworts Key to Australasian liverwort and hornwort genera presents the first comprehensive key to all 181 genera of liverworts and hornworts known from Australia and New Zealand.
Blackberry Blackberry - An identification tool to introduced and native Rubus in Australia is an interactive CD ROM enabling the identification of all species of Rubus presently known to occur in Australia.
Seed Identification Key Seed Identification Key - A Seed Identification Key using a computerised database has been developed to identify seeds prohibited/restricted by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.
Fact Sheet Fusion Fact Sheet Fusion - provides a fast and effective way to generate high quality fact sheets without requiring multimedia skills.
Declared Plants of Australia Declared Plants of Australia - An identification and information system for declared weeds.
Pest Thrips of the World Pest Thrips of the World - This latest thrips key by Gerald Moritz, Laurence Mound, David Morris and Arturo Goldarazena includes 99 important pest species of the family Thripidae that are encountered worldwide.
Lucid3 Lucid3 - Builder and Player modules for developing and publishing identification and diagnostic (matrix) keys on CD and the Internet.
Lucid Phoenix Lucid Phoenix - Builder and Player modules for converting traditional, paper-based dichotomous (pathway) keys in to computer based keys for the Internet or CD.

All software

Lucid ID Lucid ID - Education software designed to develop students' skills in biology, classification, multimedia and logical thinking.
Diversity of Organisms Diversity of Organisms - A tool for teaching taxonomy to Biology students.
Suburban and Environmental Weeds Suburban and Environmental Weeds - An identification and information system covering South-east Queensland.
WeedBiocontrol WeedBiocontrol - A training and resource package for researchers, advisors and students.
BioEd BioEd - A training tool in taxonomy for university undergraduates.
Diagnosis for Crop Problems Diagnosis for Crop Problems - Software for building and running problem scenarios to provide practice in diagnosing crop problems.
Rice IPM Rice IPM - A training and decision support tool for pest management in rice.
Canegrub Canegrub - Best practice management CD-ROM for the Australian sugar industry.
BugMatch Series BugMatch Series - Extension tools for Australian citrus, cotton and grape producers.
Fox/Rabbit Management Fox/Rabbit Management - A resource centre for extension officers.
Mouser Mouser - Information transfer and decision support on mouse management.

NemaSYS - A resource centre on major Australian nematodes.

OZ Pest OZ Pest - A reference system for Urban Pest Management in Australia.


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